The Michigan Outdoor Writers Association's Papa Bear Award is an occasional recognition of those members with sustained and outstanding achievement in outdoor communication and/or service to MOW A. It was first given to and now honors the memory of Gene "Papa Bear" Little, one of the pioneer filmmakers in the early days of outdoors television shows. By all accounts, no finer gentleman has ever graced the ranks of MOWA.

Those so honored with this award have been exemplary of the Gene Little legacy. They are named below along with the date and place of the meeting at which they were awarded their Papa Bear plaques.

1979 Gene Little Winter, St. Ignace

1980 Mort Neff Summer, Port Austin

1981 Don Gillies Summer, Alpena

1983 Doug Fulton Summer, Marquette

1984 Clyde Allison Summer, Traverse City

1985 Gil Clark Winter, Alpena

1991 Frank Mainville Winter, Grayling

1991 James A.O. Crowe,

Gordie Charles Summer, Traverse City

1992 Ken Peterson Winter, Clare

1992 Chuck Stafford Summer, Rothbury

1993 Dixie Franklin Summer, Sault Ste. Marie

1994 Stan Lievense Winter, Cadillac

1994 Jim Hall Summer, Rogers City

1996 Len Barnes Summer, Drummond Island

1998 Tom Huggler Summer, Muskegon

1999 Dave Richey Summer, East Tawas

2000 Herb Boldt Summer, Silver City

2002 Don Ingle Winter, Ludington

2008 Harry Whiteley Beaver Island

2014 Bill Semion Gaylord

2016 Tom Lounsbury Fall Bergland

2016 Tom Carney Fall Bergland

2017 Mark Sak Summer Cadillac

2018 Bill Parker