Toyota Scholarship

Toyota Scholarship

2020 Michigan Outdoor Writers Association/Toyota Let’s Go Places Scholarship


$3,600 Available

The Michigan Outdoor Writers Association (MOWA), in conjunction with Toyota Motor North America, offers up to $3,600 annually to certain college student Michigan residents interested in communicating about the outdoors experience.

From issues like public lands, wildlife diseases, local water quality, challenges to outdoor recreation activities or nature writing, the possible areas of interest and expression are vast; so are the media in which one specializes: journalism, videography, podcasts, nature photography, essays, books. The intent of the scholarship is to help subsidize the efforts of individuals as they take the next steps toward achieving this career goal.

MOWA is the state-level organization of professional outdoors communicators, and in addition to the money, winners are given a MOWA membership and access to all that the group – and its highly experienced members – have to offer.

1. Michigan resident
2. Graduating community college student, junior or senior status at a four-year university, or grad student
3. Obey the laws governing outdoors-recreational activities and support the rights of individuals engaged in those activities
4. Application includes two steps: a) submit an application letter and b.) submit a sample(s) of one’s work
5. The scholarship(s) will be awarded at the annual MOWA conference (Mid-May in Houghton Lake). FAQs
I live in Michigan but attend an out-of state school. Am I eligible for the scholarship? – Yes

I attend school in Michigan, but my permanent address is out-of-state. Am I eligible? – No

Are there any restrictions on how I spend the money? – Mostly common sense:

OK: expenses for your growth as a communicator: tablet, photo gear, imaging software, video camera, professional library, podcast studio set up, seminars, book publishing expenses, workshops, story-gathering trips, etc.

Not OK: expenses for sporting gear or unrelated trips: snowboard, shotgun, fishing rod, backpack, hiking boots, flight to NYC for friend’s wedding etc.

Other than that, before spending some of the money, just ask yourself, “Will this help me become a better communicator?” Also, remember, within the year after receiving the scholarship you will be asked to report to the group on how the scholarship helped you grow as an outdoor communicator, either by returning to speak at MOWA’s annual conference or by supplying a story for the newsletter.

Michigan Outdoor Writers Association/Toyota Let’s Go Places Scholarship

How to Apply
The application process for the MOWA/Toyota Let’s Go Places Scholarship is fairly simple and involves just two steps: tell us about yourself, and show us how you like to communicate about the outdoors. Application Part I
Submit a letter of application to include: -Name, address, phone number, email address
-College/university attending, major and minor
-Primary career goal plus outdoor communication goal if different
-Favorite area/topic to explore when communicating the outdoors
-Preferred mode of expressing the outdoors experience (writing, video, photography, etc.)
-Special or specific classes you have taken/plan to take that will help you in meeting your communication goals
-Your ideas for how you’d spend the money if you win
-Contact information for your school’s Public Relations department, so we can share the news Application Part II
Submit a sample of your preferred mode of expression:
-Written (news story, essay, sample book chapter, scientific writing) – 1,000 words, maximum
-Photography/fine art – 10 photos maximum
-Video or podcast – 5 minutes maximum
-Other medium? – Ask first

Writing, artwork or photo essay/gallery may be sent as links or PDF attachments.

For videos or podcasts, please provide links.

Links should be clearly marked as such and must not require judges to open an account or subscribe to any kind of service in order to view or listen to the sample being submitted.

Available scholarship funds of $3,600 will be given to a single student or divided among two or more. The decisions of the judges are final.

Submit application letter to:
Tom Carney, MOWA/Toyota Scholarship,

Application materials must be received by April 10, 2020.