After an absolutely gorgeous first day of the conference, mother nature got her revenge on Saturday. However, even the steady, to sometimes torrential rains, could not dampen the spirits of MOWA members and guests as they headed out to visit several local interesting outdoor sites.

Although the spirits of MOWA members were not dampened by the weather, the same can’t be said of the spirits inhabiting the Seul Choix Lighthouse who unfortunately failed to make an appearance.

Disappointed MOWA ghost hunters then boarded the bus and headed to Thompson, Michigan where they learned the interesting history and day-to-day operations of the Thompson State Fish Hatchery. Thankfully, most of the tour was indoors and out of the pouring rain.

Back on the bus again, the group traveled to Kitch-iti-kipi/Big Spring/Palms Book State Park. Luck seemed to be on our side as the rains let up just as we arrived. However, shortly after many members boarded the raft for a better view of the crystal-clear waters of the spring, the skies let loose once again, soaking everyone foolish enough to leave their rain gear on the bus.

Drenched, and with more rain in the forecast, the days’ activities were cut short and the group headed for lunch and then back to the Gray Wolf Lodge to change into dry clothes before the MOWA dinner festivities.

To kick off the evening, Jeff Nedwick presented the MOWA / Toyota Let’s Go Places Scholarship to a well-deserving Claire Watts. Claire’s winning scholarship submission was based on her work educating the public about environmental topics through an innovative, 3-D storyboard.

Next on the evening’s agenda was the long-awaited craft awards, presented by John Cleveland and Bob Vogel. In addition to coordinating the craft awards, John was also the recipient of two awards.