Amanda Wais

Amanda Wais


Amanda is a transplanted Michigan resident, but don’t hold that against her – at least she moved straight to the U.P.!  Upon her uprooting in 2005, the new Michigan soil, er, rock was perfect for unfurling her branches.  With an English major and writing minor from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, all she needed was a little inspiration.  Fortunately, Copper Harbor had a lot.

While filling notebooks with adventures, experiences, favorite places and pure magic, she realized she better start sharing with the world.

Her first book, Little Slices of da Harbor – Copper Harbor, MI, came out in 2014.  The characters tell their stories concisely, and, as the reader settles in, they can sense how the speakers’ attitudes change during each season.  Her second book, Touring the Tip: Copper Harbor’s Adventure Guide, helps visitors and locals get out on their bike, in their hiking boots, in their kayak or on their skis.  This guide is intended to help the user experience the area while providing the persona of a personal tour guide.  This guide also won third place in the MOWA Craft Awards for Best Book in 2015.

Other than that, she keeps trying to get out there and experience the great wide U.P. from many silent sports angles.  Then she shares her experiences through her blog (  She’s published other stories in several different publications throughout Michigan including Traverse Magazine, The Great Lakes Pilot,, Yooper Steez Blog, Porcupine Press and The Copper UP.  Outside of Michigan, she has been hired to write for FreeHub Magazine and Mountain Flyer.  She has also traveled and written for two separate Pure Michigan campaigns.

Her recent awards include:

2014 – 1st honorable mention in the 2nd Annual U.P. Nature Writing Contest

2015 – 3rd place for best color photo in the MOWA Craft Awards

2015 – 3rd place for best book in the MOWA Craft Awards

2015 – 2nd place for best feature article in the MOWA Craft Awards

2015 – honored to be a judge for the 3rd Annual U.P. Nature Writing Contest