The first full day of the MOWA 2021 conference was chock full of fun activities.

Several members and guests opted to test their ORV driving skills on the challenging (and this day, dusty) Haywire Grade Trail.

I wanted to follow the MOWA gang in the Tacoma, but unfortunately only bicycles, snowmobiles, and ORV’s are allowed on the trail.

So instead, I took the road more travelled to Indian Lake State Park where I spotted MOWA members John Cleveland, Mike Gnatkowski, and Tom O’Boyle just as they were heading out for some smallmouth bass fishing on Indian Lake.

Shortly after, longtime MOWA members Bill and Denise Semion headed out as well.

The weather was beautiful and all anglers caught at least one nice smallmouth bass, including this beauty caught by John Cleveland on a fly rod.

Leaving the anglers and trail riders in my dust, I headed northwest to Bruno’s Run; a 9 mile long hiking trail through the heart of the Hiawatha National Forest; spectacular scenery made even more stunning thanks to the fall colors.