2016 MOWA Craft Award results

Dave Richey MOWA Communicator of the year
Richard Smith

Gene Papa Bear Award (2 winners)
Tom Lounsbury
Tom Carney

Cliff Ketcham Newspaper Award

  1. Dennis Neely “Fooling ‘Old Lady Gray”
  2. Dennis Neely In the Middle of the Trail
  3. John Cleveland Magic of Nunavut.

Cliff Ketcham Magazine Not enough entrees carry to 2017

James Hall Magazine Award

  1. Amanda Rogers How they stopped Loathing and started loving.
  2. Jonathan Schechter Wilder Side of Sleeping Bear.
  3. Dennis Neely Bringing Tears to a Gun Builder’s Eyes.

James Hall Newspaper Award

  1. Dennis Neely An Afternoon Safari
  2. Dennis Neely Will You take us too
  3. Jonathan Schechter Snake Bite

C.A. Frenchy Paquin Newspaper Award

  1. Tom Carney Managing Habitat for Woodcock
  2. Bill Parker  Suburban Location Produced Sick Deer
  3. Jonathan Schechter  Piping Plovers of Sleeping Bear

C.A. Frenchy Paquin Magazine Award  Not enough entrants push to 2017.

James A.O. Crow Newspaper (Best Column)

  1. Dennis Neely
  2. Tom Pink
  3. Mark Sak

Charlie Welch Black and White Photo Award

  1. Dennis Neely I have Knives
  2. Dennis Neely Opposing Sentinals
  3. Tom Buchkoe Surf Superior

Gil Clark Color Photo Award

  1. Jonathan Schechter Osprey
  2. Jonathan Schechter Piping Plover
  3. Mark Sak Cooper

Mort Neff Video Award

  1. Mark Romanack Lake Nipigon
  2. Mark Sak Casting into Alaska
  3. Mark Sak Hunting Michigan Trophy Bucks